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Craig Curry

About the Jazz Hymn Club Arranger

Craig Curry, Composer-in-Residence at Friends University (Wichita, KS, USA) is a highly-regarded professional composer and arranger. His innovative arrangements use "scored improvisations" to empower classically-trained and Christian musicians to play jazz with confidence without needing years of improvisation study.

I have been a fan of Craig Curry's music for several years, first testing the waters at my church for mid-week services, a casual and forgiving atmosphere. Instant hit, so I decided it would be worth more investment to get better acquainted with Craig's skillful jazz writing. I teach piano at a music academy with teachers of guitar, drums, strings, woodwinds and voice. When the Jazz Hymn Club was offered, I seized the opportunity —we will do a nice staff showcase with those charts!

Vicki Carr

I look forward to receiving new Jazz Hymn Club materials every month. I love the fact that there is so much versatility in how they can be used in our church. There are many options and our combo is planning to use them in many different ways.

Juli Jarvis

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